Divinity in Action Intention Ceremony

Welcome to Day 1

It is through our intentions we create the opportunity for our potential to be actualized. In this intention ceremony we will be setting up the energetic landscape for the miracle that is you to be met by all that you know you are ready for.

This gathering of hearts is a communion of souls ready to call forth their aspirations and declare the intentions that will shape the journey of our time together. In this space intentions are what initiate the streams of divine grace that will be meeting us in this field of pure connection.

Let’s co-create this space with love and purpose. Join me in setting intentions that resonate with the highest good, and together, let’s embrace the transformative power of putting our Divinity in Action.

Deep Love and Gratitude 💖

Please share your intentions below if you were unable to make it to the Live Event. 


  1. Aparajita

    My intention is to connect the Divinity within me with the Divinity within everybody and everything even the ones who aren’t doing good to others and alchemize everything into the best for everybody and everything

  2. Teresa Klan

    My greatest intention is to fully connect with the divinity within so I am living as my divine truth in harmony with all my relations. And from there, I totally trust in my earth walk and all that I experience is in alignment with the Divine. And that is freedom! Thank you! Endless peace.


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