Divinity in Action Closing Ceremony

Closing Our Time Together

It has been such an honor to be your host for this incredible journey through the Divinity in Action Alchemical Movement. 

The time has come to close the space we have created together. May all that has been shared with you reflect to you the inner knowing of the Divinity within you and the remembrance you have accessed over these last 3 weeks.

To enable access to all the amazing speakers, their messages, and their incredibly generous gifts I encourage you to secure your VIP Access now. This will be the last day to Secure Your VIP Access. This includes the of the Heart of Creation Portal starting Saturday at 3:33 PM MST as an added bonus. Plus other valuable bonuses, including the private session with me that will set you up for who you get to be in 2024.

Thank you for being here in this container, your presence is truly appreciated and valued. I am in deep gratitude for the energy and light you have brought to the field during this journey together into Divinity in Action.



Or if you do not wish to secure VIP access, but would still like to join us in the Heart of Creation Portal you can click the link below to join us. 

Deep Love,


Why Choose VIP Access?

“I am so grateful Katrina Armstrong for all that you have been doing for us all. Your work is so imperative to this planet and humanity. Thank You so much for your Beautiful Kind, Compassionate, Loving, and Illuminating Soul that you are. Your work has made so much possible in this world, that I hope one day you are able to see clearly the impact you have made, if you haven’t already. I love you so much dear one. Thank You.”


“Hello Katrina :blush:,

I want to thank you for all the work and support that you have been anchoring into each one of us! I am feeling all the shifts happening within me and how it’s rippling out.

Thank you so much for your dedication to your mission work and unconditional love you extend to your students, and facilitators :innocent::sparkles::two_hearts:.

My heart feels so much lighter and I have been feeling more of who I remember to be coming in and it literally brings tears of joy to have more of me back!!! So thank you for this precious gift of new life and awareness, and to feel truly safe in being me :blush:.”

~ Nida

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