Meet Acacia:

Author, Painter, Book Finisher Coach and Divine Union Guide

Acacia is an author, oil painter and Divine Union Guide originally from Kansas, USA. After a successful 11 year career in NYC that included being diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, she heeded the call of her higher self to embrace her spiritual gifts and make drastic changes.

While traveling worldwide, building up businesses and living abroad, Acacia focused on her own healing and inner Divine Union. Through that inner work, she met her wonderful husband.

She currently assists leaders in writing, editing and publishing their books and spearheads ‘The Book Finishers’ online groups. Acacia also guides women into their inner Divine Union and aligning to their physical Divine Partner on this beautiful planet.

She lives in Glasgow with her husband and is about to launch her second book, Daily Doses of Inspiration – Volume 1: For Spiritual Seekers.

Acacia’s Gift to you

15 Minute Higher Self Meeting/Meditation

Acacia will lead you to meet your higher self where you will ask your higher self direct questions that you desire answers to. Most questions are around soul purpose/mission, help with clients or work, attracting in your Divine partner, or guidance with writing books/creating art. 

Some blockages or energy leaks might be revealed and cleared on the call. 

Depending on what comes up, the call will last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Please have a notebook handy and a few questions in mind or written down. 

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