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What's Included in Your VIP Access:

📼 Lifetime Access to All Replays: Embrace the timeless wisdom shared by our speakers. Dive into their insights, activate your own divine potential, and experience the power of harnessing your soul’s mission. 

🎁 Access to Speaker Gifts: Our speakers are sharing their sacred gifts with you. From heart-opening meditations to soul-awakening ebooks, you’ll receive a treasure chest of resources that will empower you to step into your full potential.

🌟 Living Light Temple Door Initiation: Gain access to this enlightening call, a harmonious journey guided by our beloved Katrina Armstrong. Take a journey into the Living Light Temple and see what awaits you there.

💗 Soul Liberation Session: A 30 minute Soul Liberation Call with Katrina. If you have been struggling with something that continues to return or has been present for years then I highly recommend booking this session. We will get to the core of what is separating you from divine truth.

This session is high frequency and will go all the way down to the root of the issue. This can be past life, timelines, contracts, ancestral and/or anything stuck within your auric fields.

This work will assist you with instantly releasing thoughts, patterns, beliefs, or deep seeded emotions that you have worked on for many years.

Let’s create space for the newness that is ready to come into your life that has been stuck in your stream not able to manifest into your reality.

Why Choose VIP Access?

If, for any reason, you find that you might miss a session or wish to revisit the wisdom shared by our beloved speakers, we offer a VIP Access option. This special pass grants you unlimited access to speaker replays and their generous gifts. It’s the key to fully savoring the transformational experience we have in store.

VIP Access ensures you won’t miss a moment of this truly awakening event. It’s perfect if you have a busy schedule, live in a different time zone, or simply want to revisit the incredible content shared during the summit. Dive deeper into the heart of what it means to awaken to your true potential.
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Speak Soon,


“I am so grateful Katrina Armstrong for all that you have been doing for us all. Your work is so imperative to this planet and humanity. Thank You so much for your Beautiful Kind, Compassionate, Loving, and Illuminating Soul that you are. Your work has made so much possible in this world, that I hope one day you are able to see clearly the impact you have made, if you haven’t already. I love you so much dear one. Thank You.”


“Hello Katrina :blush:,

I want to thank you for all the work and support that you have been anchoring into each one of us! I am feeling all the shifts happening within me and how it’s rippling out.

Thank you so much for your dedication to your mission work and unconditional love you extend to your students, and facilitators :innocent::sparkles::two_hearts:.

My heart feels so much lighter and I have been feeling more of who I remember to be coming in and it literally brings tears of joy to have more of me back!!! So thank you for this precious gift of new life and awareness, and to feel truly safe in being me :blush:.”

~ Nida

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